In Naples we stink.
I smell of suff, of Vesuvius lava.
Stink of Posillipo, of Partenope, of songs sung all over the world and translated into all languages.
Stench of mussels, Babá, puff pastries, homemade desserts and pure stink of pasta with tomato and basil.
Stink of 3000 years of history, 5 castles and 365 churches.
Stink of the first public lighting in the world, the first ever opera house (S.Carlo 1730 – King Charles III of Bourbon).
The stench of pizza that everyone envies us, of mozzarella that everyone gets sent to all parts of Italy.
I stink for Sundays spent in the family, and I stink for those Neapolitans killed by the Piedmontese to defend the first railway in Europe, the Naples / Portici.
I stink for the first public university in the world, Federico II of Svevia, 1100.
Stench of the Veiled Christ, of Caravaggio, of Solimena, Ribera, Luca Giordano, Bernini and Canova.
I stink of children who still play on the streets of Naples, I stink of sun, stink of hospitality.
I stink of the most beautiful women in the world, but you can’t have them because you don’t smell enough.
All this stinks of smell to my life, and I love my city with all its contradictions, while you can only show off your envy.